Things To Avoid While Consuming Phentermine

Are you dealing with obesity? If yes, then you should take phentermine medication, which can reduce the weight within a few weeks. A doctor specially prescribes the medicine to those obese people, who are also suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. While taking medicine, you should be careful and avoid some things to get effective results. Further, you can grab the information related to those things, which should be avoided while taking phentermine.

Don’t drive and use machines

Phentermine cause dizziness or vision problems. So, it becomes too difficult to perform the tasks, which require concentration. Driving and machinery work are the two main activities, which should not be done by Phentermine consumers. If they do so, then they will face pain and injuries due to accidents. The medication loss the concentration power and also make unconscious, so avoid these activities.

Keep away from alcohol

While consuming phentermine, you are advised to maintain a distance from alcohol. Some people consume Phentermine with this beverage, and in the result, they get an addict to the drug. So, if you are taking medicine then don’t take alcohol. The combination of alcohol and phentermine is known as the deadly combination, which can cause death.

Avoid breastfeeding

If you are a new mother and taking the medication then breastfeeding is not allowed. The substances may undergo breast milk, so it is fatal for the infant. If you do this activity, then the newborn baby has to deal with many health issues. In fact, this can also be the reason behind the death of a child. In addition this, pregnant ladies are also not permitted to take phentermine. In these conditions, you should take each step with the consultation of a doctor.

Who can’t take phentermine?

Phentermine consists of a high amount of a drug, which is harmful to the health of the consumer. Thus, the doctor doesn’t recommend this to everyone. Pharmacist decides whether the patient should take the medication or not after checking out the previous medical statements and present health condition. If you had above-mentioned problems, then you can’t take medicine.

  • Seizure
  • Kidney diseases
  • Overactive thyroid
  • Stroke
  • Severe agitation or anxiety
  • Mood problems
  • Addiction to alcohol

Moving further, if you had the depression, then you should also not consume the medicine because it can cause the death. Patients with suicidal thoughts are also not prescribed to take phentermine for a healthy life.